Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Delivery by Rosary Acres

If you're on our Facebook page, you know how geeked out we are about discovering that Rosary Acres, a natural & organic foods store in Ligonier, is starting a home delivery program.  I (Sara) met the owner, Rick Adams, at the Farm to Table conference in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago.  We are hoping to have him come speak to our group soon about a discount program they offer.  (Details to follow - join us on Facebook so you get them in a timely manner!)

If you would like to receive regular communications from Rosary Acres, you can email Rick and his wife Lisa at  They will add you to their list and you'll get updates on what new products they have and what they're offering for home delivery.  Rosary Acres truly embodies the "buy fresh, buy local" philosophy - they offer tons of products from the region, and tons of natural & organic items. 

Our first delivery to the Indiana area is this coming Friday, April 13th. Today (Monday) is the last day to get orders in, but for future reference, your order must be a minimum of $75.00, plus there is a $5.00 delivery charge.  You can join up with buddies and make a group order if you can't reach the $75.00 - it just has to be delivered to one address only.

Below is an email I received from Rick last week.  (I may not post more of these in the future, so be sure to ask them to add you to the list if you want more updates!)

Thank You for your support and interest in receiving delivery of Fresh, Natural and Organic Foods and Produce from Rosary Acres. If you are familiar with Frankferd Farms everything in their catalog is available AND in addition we have created a short list of items available outside of the FFF catalog like grass fed beef, fresh fish, The Family Cow Raw Milk ETC. This list will continue to grow quickly we just wanted to simplify to begin.

When placing an order for delivery we ask that you email if possible so we have a record and no confusion on what is requested but we ALWAYS welcome your call for questions or to place your order over the phone. If you do not have a FFF paper catalog you can view at
Even things from our store are available for delivery even if you don't see them on the below list but you have been to our Store in Ligonier know we have it available!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Here is the delivery schedule for next week.And as we get multiple customers in a area we will micro out the route Tuesday-North
    Friday-East A few details...Minimum order is $75.00 and delivery is $5.00, We will need to have the North( Tuesday Route) orders in by Thursday afternoon and all other orders by Monday afternoon.
  2. We will need everyone's complete information( name, phone, address and email) you can pay upon delivery by check only, NOT CASH! or we can accept credit card via the phone prior to delivery.
  3. Please feel free to pass this info along to everyone you know and like us on facebook!

Rosary Acres Natural and Organic Foods now will provide delivery to home or office!
The following is a very small listing of what we have available for home delivery in addition to the Frankferd Farm Foods catalog.  We will be continuing to compose our list until we have most of our products listed.  We have a large gluten free and vegan section, in addition to all of your favorite organic food labels. So if you want something you don’t see, just ask!  We carry over 5,000 products in our retail store.   Every week we will list our fresh organic produce that is available.  If you would like to order in a particular type of produce or fish that is not listed, let us know and we will do our best to have it the following week for you. 

Grass Fed, Organic Beef (local)
-Ground Beef-$6.49 per #
-Roasts-Chuck, Round, Brisket, Arm & English, Rump, Sirloin-$6.49 per #
-Steaks-Del, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Rib, Strip- $16.00 per #
-Minute Steaks-$8.00 per #
-Taking orders for ¼, ½ and whole beef.
Pastured Organic Chicken (some local, some Coleman brand)
-Whole Roasters- $4.50 per pound
-Boneless/ skinless breasts- $9.99 per pound
-Thighs-$4.49 per #
Organic Pastured Lamb (local)
-leg, shoulder roasts, etc $17.00 per #
-Chops-$19.00 per #
-French Rack-$22.00 per #
-Shanks-$17.00 per #
Organic brown eggs (local)
-$3.50 per dozen
Wild-caught fresh fish (this will change week to week)
-Always a variety of Salmon(Sockeye, king, Coho) $14.99 per #
-second fish will vary ( Tuna, Cod, Orange Roughy, Scallops)
Nitrate free Bacon
-Applegate Sunday Bacon(antibiotic free) $5.60 each
-Applegate Org Turkey Bacon-$6.50 each
Nitrate free Hams
-Nitrate FREE, Spiral Cut hams( est size 7-9 lbs) $7.15 per pound
The Family Cow Organic Raw Milk (from Chambersburg PA)
-Raw Milk Gallon-$6.75
-Raw Milk Half Gallon-$4.00
-Raw Milk Cheese Available
Trickling Springs Cream (Chambersburg PA)
-$5.99 each
Family Cow Nitrate Free Beef Sticks (Organic Slim Jims!  Sweet, hot and pepper)
$1.26 each
Shiloh Farms Sprouted Spring Wheat flour-5#- $16.99 each
Shiloh Farms Sprouted Quinoa- 12oz-$13.33 each
Taste of the Wild grain free Dog and Cat food (all flavors and sizes)
Fresh Ground Organic Peanut butter (made in our store with organic peanuts, no salt no sugar) 8oz- $2.99 each, 16oz-$4.50 each
Old Linn Runn Fresh Roasted Coffee (direct trade, locally fresh roasted beans)
Dominican, Sumatra, Ethiopian, Guatemala, Brazilian and Rosary Acres Blend
6oz-$7.00 each 12oz-$12.00 each

All Organic (never Conventional) and Local in Season

Pink Lady/ $3.00 per pound
Cameo/ $2.00 per pound
Gala/ 3# bag/ $5.99 each
Fugi/ 3# bag/ $5.00 each

Strawberries-1# clam/ Driscoll/ $5.25 each
Blueberries-6 oz Clam/ $4.25

Fingerling-Ruby Crescent/1.5# Bag / $3.75 each
Yukon Gold- 5# Bag/ $6.99 each
Russet- 5# Bag/ $5.99 each

Asparagus-1#  package/ $5.45 per #
Bananas- Breaker ECO- $1.19 per pound
Broccoli-$4.49 Bunch
Cabbage- Green/ $1.15 per #
Carrots-Baby Peeled/ 1#/ $2.50 each
Carrots- #2 Bunny Luv-$2.99 each
Cauliflower head- $4.99 each
Celery Stalk- $3.00 each
Zucchini-$2.25 per #
Squash-Yellow Straight Neck-$3.99 per #
Tangerines-Honey -$2.50 per #
Oranges-$2.00 per #
Snow Peas-$5.99 per #
Limes-$2.99 per #
Lemons-$2.99 per #
Eggplant-$3.25 per #
Fresh White Garlic-$5.99 per #
Fresh Yellow Hawaiian GINGER-$5.99 per #
Kiwi-$2.99 per #
Cucumbers-$2.59 per #
Mushrooms- Bulk Crimini- $3.99 per #
Onions-Yellow- $1.25 per #
FRESH Fennel (whole w/Root)-$3.25 each

Rainbow Chard-1 bunch chopped and bagged- $3.99
Arugula Baby Leaf- ½ pound bagged- $4.99
Baby Spinach- 5oz clam-$3.99
Salad 50/50 Blend- 5oz clam-$3.99
Romaine Hearts 3ct Bag- $3.99
Kale- Red-1 bunch-Chopped and Bagged-$3.99

This list and prices are subject to change from week to week.

God Bless,

Rick Adams
724-516-3187 cell
724-238-4140 Store