Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Farm Stands

I love our co-op :)  I love seeing it work -- seeing people network and learn from each other and benefit from just the simple concept of being part of a community.  How about you, are you loving this? 

Real quick, I wanted to share a link that Beth L. shared on the Facebook page the other day:

New Program Offers Farm Fresh Products Online

This seems like one that is worth keeping - I haven't even tried it out, but many of you can relate to wanting meat fresh from the farm instead of raised in industrial feed lots and tainted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Finding pastured chickens, pigs and cows was part of the reason we formed this group, after all!  It looks like this "Farm Stand" service from Penns Corner may be one more way to make that possible.

Don't forget about Rosary Acres in Ligonier, also.  They offer tons of local items, all organic produce, teas, supplements, meats from regional farms, organic/licensed raw milk, everything in the Frankferd Farms catalog, etc., etc., and they deliver it all to your front door.  Awesome.