Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pink Slime Action Items

Thanks to Rachel for passing on this link to a petition to the USDA.  It is very easy to type in a few lines and get this message to multiple people regarding the use of "pink slime" in ground beef. 

Googling "pink slime" will, of course, turns up lot of articles.  Here is an ABC News article that contains more details on the filler and lists the practices of some of the major grocery chains.

We can make a difference in our local community as well.  Here are a few suggestions for taking action (these are just suggestions, and in no way are they intended to represent this group's official position - they are offered here merely as options for those who may be interested in taking a stand):
  • First and foremost, always be polite :)
  • Call the grocery stores where you shop, ask for the meat department, then ask if they use "lean beef trimmings" or "pink slime" as filler in their ground beef.  Let them know you do not want to eat ground beef that is filled with chemically treated scraps, and that you will not purchase there anymore if it is used.  
  • If they do use the filler, tell them you will also be letting your friends and family know so they can make the choice to keep purchasing ground beef there or not.
  • If you have an extra few minutes, we'd love to hear what you find out.  If you could, would you please report back to us at this page in the comments section?
  • Buy meat from local farmers instead of the store.  Check out the links on our "Local Farms" page and see if you come up with an alternative that works for you.
  • Letters to the Editor of the local paper are a great way to spread the word and invoke change.  Businesses (like grocery stores) are very highly motivated to stay in business!  That means they are sensitive to where your dollars are going.
What about you?  Do you have any other thoughts on this subject? 

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